Midtown Brotherhood

Midtown Brotherhood

The Girl with Hearts #1

Book #1 The Girl with Hearts    Release Date - NOVEMEBER 3, 2015

Rules are made to be broken…so why not shatter them?”

Henrik Rylander doesn’t just participate in Manhattan’s dating scene—he owns the exclusive rights to it…

As the newly-minted captain of the New York Rangers hockey team, Henrik’s coach wants him to clean up his reputation. But Henrik isn’t quite ready to give up charming panties off co-eds, so he decides to indulge in one last night of uninhibited freedom.

Leila Blakely has never been the “cry into your Baskin-Robbins” type…

When she figures out her boyfriend has been cheating, she has only one objective—vengeance. Conveniently, the jerk’s arch-nemesis and her secret college crush, Henrik Rylander, is in town. She cleverly surprises Henrik in his hotel room and makes him an offer consisting of sex, lies, and the bathroom wall at the Regency. So what if she forgot to mention she was a virgin?

If their secret gets out, it will make headlines. Guaranteed…

Deflowering the little sister of the most volatile enforcer in the NHL—who also happens to be his best friend—is a recipe for disaster. Henrik decides to ditch his horn-dog stigma to quell any suspicion and embarks on a mission to befriend Leila, only to be served a big slice of humble pie.
Leila isn’t buying Henrik’s nice-guy act, though she can’t deny their attraction. But Henrik isn’t acting, and he’s ready to confront his feelings for the feisty girl with the heart tattoos.

However, Henrik soon discovers there’s much more at stake than his reputation and the status of his bromance with Leila’s brother.

Earning Leila’s trust might be the key to saving his career…and her life.

The Girl with Diamonds #2

Book #2 The Girl with Diamonds    Release Date - April 12, 2016

The darkest of secrets always have a way of finding the light.    

Purple wig, red lips, and a flirty smile—those are the only things Austin Blakely remembers when he wakes up tied to his bed…

It’s Austin’s job as the enforcer for the New York Rangers hockey team to strike fear in the hearts of grown men. But if Manhattan’s notorious gossip magazine, The Whisperer, catches wind of his dating fail—or worse, took a picture of him in his compromised state—his reputation and career could be ruined.

Magnolia Cross is still running from rumors that robbed her of the interview of a lifetime…

Intern reporter for the Madison Square Garden news affiliate isn’t Magnolia’s idea of a dream job. She doesn’t even like hockey. But it’s experience on-air, and that’s what counts. After a prank-gone-wrong leaves her stripped of her Valedictorian title, she loses her initial chance at making it big. But now she’s stronger and smarter, and won’t let trust issues screw her out of her chance for success—again.

One bad interview and two million YouTube hits later, Magnolia is a media sensation—for all the wrong reasons…

Stupid Austin Blakely with his cocky smile and hockey lingo gibberish. After he embarrasses her on national television in the name of harmless flirting, Magnolia vows never to interview him again. Except avoiding Austin is easier said than done.

It isn’t long before Magnolia discovers the real source of Austin’s fears. It’s all about the seductress in the purple wig—unless it’s about the pictures she stole that could change all their lives forever…

The Girl with Daisies #3

Book #3 The Girl with Daisies    Release Date - January 2017

Callen Copley isn’t some reality TV bachelor who needs his friends’ interference. He enjoys the freedom and solitude of being single…

Callen is the strong silent type and he’s totally comfortable living the bachelor life while all his friends settle down. As a rising star on the New York Rangers, Callen has to focus on his game. His contract ends this season and he’s hit a horrible slump, so he can’t afford any distractions. Especially a pretty blonde distraction with flowers in her hair who works down the street. 

Penny Duchene’s willpower has finally met its match…

Penny scouted the job at the Midtown Bistro for one reason, and it wasn’t to fawn over Callen Copley. She can’t let her attraction to the brooding loner who jogs the street every day interfere with the information she needs to obtain from him. Since Austin and Henrik moved out of the neighborhood, Callen is her last shot to find out the truth. She hadn’t planned to mix business with pleasure, but when a chance hello turns into something more than friendship, she’s willing to make an exception.

The truth will always catch you, no matter how fast you run…

Penny offers to help the struggling star learn to relax and focus his mind on the game. But when someone from her past shows up and threatens to reveal her true motives, Callen has difficulty believing everything they’ve shared is real. 

Why did she choose him? Is Penny even her real name? 

The truth will set you free even if all you’ve ever wanted was a place to belong…

Midtown Brotherhood Short Story: Brass Hearts

Releases May 23, 2017

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